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Herbal Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine Herbal Appetite Suppressant

Phentermine, you may or may not realise used to contain Ephedra – a now  banned substance. Phentermine was a very powerful and strong appetite suppressant that you could buy on the high street or via the web without the need for a prescription or doctor recommendation.

Phentermine is also known as Phen Fen, Phen Phen or Fen Phen

Since the Ephedra ban Phentermine has re emerged and now has FDA approval but only as a doctor prescribed diet pill.

Nowadays, Phentermine is quite high profile again but this is the herbal Phentermine alternative and not be confused with the diet drug.


Lets remove the confusion – The diet drug Phentermine should only be obtained from your GP. It is chemically created compound (hence diet drug- and not weight loss supplement) that can cause some unpleasant side effects.

So for two reasons you should not buy Phentermine on the black market if you should ever feel the need or can find it. Number 1, its illegal and number 2, a GP should make you aware of the risks and have knowledge of your medical history before even thinking of prescribing.

Differences Between Phentermine And Herbal Phentermine

The Phentermine herbal alternative is sometimes described by its manufacturers as “Having exactly the same benefits without the need for prescription.”

Although the part about not having to obtain a prescription is true as you can buy the herbal equivalent legitimately the part where it states it is exactly the same is not true.

Herbal Phentermine and the diet drug Phentermine are alike only in name. Although the diet drug can cause some pretty horrendous side effects it still has FDA approval. Read about Prescription Phentermine here.

For this review we will not go into too much detail about the ingredients of the herbal version of Phentermine as it contains nowhere enough of anything to make a difference to weight loss. The herbal variety of Phentermine does tend to rely on its name – there have been no clinical trials to substantiate that it is effective as a weight loss supplement.

Side Effects Of Herbal Phentermine

No reported side effects  – slimming pills that rely on hype and the placebo effect do not generally pose that much risk to health.

Where To Buy Herbal Phentermine

More likely to be available outside of the UK in the USA and Europe.

Should I Buy Herbal Phenterime

No, the prescription Phentermine does appeal to some – although it is our recommendation not to use it when Phen375 is in existence.

Phen375 is the alternative that offers the potency of the original Phentermine substance but without the propensity to cause side effects.

Phen375 has been responsible for numerous diet and weight loss successes with plenty of believable testimonials.

Read About Phen375



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Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine Prescription Diet Pills

Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant aimed at people who are dangerously overweight or bordering on obese. Phentermine acts by controlling food cravings and reducing appetite by releasing chemicals into the brain.

Phentermine was the most prominent and widely used prescription weight loss pill and also available to purchase via the web.

More recently Phentermine has been removed by the US government as a diet pill that can be purchased through online pharmacies. This hasn’t stopped the formula from being rebranded under other commercial names.

Adipex P Ionamin Obermine Pro-Fast SA Trenker
Anoxine-AM Duromine Obestin-30 Redusa Obenix
Fastin Obephen Phentrol Panbesy Oby-Trim

As Phentermine can now only (legally) be obtained via prescription from a GP – the Phentermine generic RX type products have become more and more prominent on the internet.

It is strongly advised to avoid these type of diet products as a majority have almost certainly no clinical data or scientific proof that a combination of their ingredients is effective for weight loss or indeed does not pose a danger to health.

Phentermine, also know as Phen Phen, Pen Phen, Phen Pen and other derivatives competes against Hoodia in the appetite suppressing diet pill genre. These two are out on their own as far as effectiveness and public awareness is concerned.

How To Take Phentermine

It is advised to only take one Phentermine tablet a day, as early as possible but idealy about an hour before your first meal. Phentermine can cause restlessness and so not advised to take late afternoon or evenings or you could be faced with a sleepless night.

Phentermine Side Effects

Phentermine can be responsible for a whole host of side effects or treatment effects ranging from:


Common Side Effects Overdose Symptoms
Insomnia Fever
Nervousness Hallucinations
Blurred vision Irregular heartbeat
Irritability Seizures
Headache Mental depression
Tiredness Panic
Stomach pain Fast Breathing
Diarrhea Psychosis
Nausea Dizziness
High blood pressure Fainting

Phentermine Conclusion

Phentermine is a prescription only diet pill and so administered under GP supervision. Your GP will not prescribe for purely vanity reasons – you will have to have a high BMI of around 30 and be considered bordering on obese.

Your GP will need to ascertain whether your lifestyle or circumstance could interact with the Phentermine’s formula and effects.  Breast feeding mothers should absolutely on no accounts take Phentermine or other generics.

Alternatives to Phentermine

Phen375 is the legal alternative to Phentermine and available to buy without prescription.

Phen375 offers both the potency and effect of the former weight loss drug but without the tendancy to cause side effects.

Manufactured in accordance to FDA guidelines and using premium grade ingredients Phen375 is the sensible choice.

More about Phen375


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