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Phenterfein Diet Pills UK

Phenterfein Review

the makers of Phenterfein rate their diet pill product very highly – the worlds strongest diet pill is the message on the official website.

Apparently they have searched “high and low” to find the most effective appetite suppressing, mood enhancing, energy creating, metabolism enhancing ingredients.

The official website also describes its customers as taking “hit” and then experiencing a feeling of euphoria.

The use of phrases like Hardcore Stimulant are also used throughout.

If ever there was a candidate for over hyped diet pill product of the year Phenterfein would high on that list, closely followed by Lipovox and Orovo.

What Is Phenterfein

A diet pill that is available to buy over the the counter and without prescription. It is perfectly legal and does not contain any ingredient that cannot be found in other wonder or miracle diet pills.

Phenterfein Side Effects

Diets pill such as these do not usually produce any serious side effects – a high caffeine content that is usually included within the formula will most likley give a feeling of unrest, restlessness or the “jitters”

This is the feeling of euphoria – a cheaper option would be to drink several cups of coffee in quick succession to create this euphoric experience.

Do Phenterfein Diet Pills Work

According the official website there are many dieters who have had great success, But according to a huge majority of independant consumer reports and testimonies – the opposite seems to be the norm.

Should I Buy Phenterfein

If the intention is pay over the odds for a diet pills that give a similar experience to large jar of coffee then yes. If, on the other hand you are searching for a diet pill that reduces your waistline in a safe an effective manner the suggestion would be to give it a miss.

Where To Buy Phenterfein In The UK

Highly improbable to found in the likes of Boots, Tesco and any other high supplier of commercial diet pills. The best option is the official website.

Recommended Fat Burners

One the strongest and highly regarded fat burners currently in circulation is Phen375

Phen375 has been manufactured under FDA guidelines, it is certificated and contains pharmacy grade ingredients.

Phen375 can be purchased direct without the need for a prescription.

Read more on Phen375


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Thin And Slim Naturally

Thin And Slim Diet Pill Review

Thin And Slim Diet Pills

Thin and Slim Naturally is a rather confusing diet pill. Not only it is an appetite suppressant but also a fat blocker – and not only a fat blocker but a carb blocker as well, it can also help with hayfever relief and aid asthma suffers.

Diet pills that offer a multitude of cures and treatments are neither one thing or another.

According to the official website – Thin And Slim Naturally will suppress appetite, reduce hunger cravings. Increase your energy and burn calories and white fat cells… plus dry the sinuses helping hayfever and aiding asthma relief.  The Swiss Army Knife of the slimming pill world!

Ingredients Of Thin And Slim Naturally

  • Ephedrine

  • Synephrine

  • Caffeine

  • Salicylic Acid

  • Hoodia Gordonii

  • Green Tea Extract

  • Cayenne

  • Ginger Root

  • Bladderwack

  • Yerba Mate Extract

  • Mustard Seed

There are several more but boredom prevents any more ingredients from being listed.

Side Effects Of Thin And Slim Diet Pills

Stated as having no known side effects – although the inclusion of Ephedrine is a bit of worry.

Does Thin And Slim Naturally Work

Seems to of out Lipovoxed Lipovox and out Orovoed Orovo – both of the aforementioned are multipurpose superfoods diet pills that claim the outrageous while falling rather short.

Should I Buy Thin And Slim Naturally

If you are serious about losing weight – choose a serious diet pill. Click here for GP Recommended and Endorsed Diet Pills

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LipoSeduction Carb Blocker

LipoSeduction 2250 Carb Blocker

LipoSeduction Carb BlockersLose Weight – 15lbs in 30 Days Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed – this is the opening message on the LipoSeduction website.

A rather ambitious statement to put it mildly.

Lipo Seduction is a carb blocker or carb blocking slimming pill that apparently has 2250mg of active ingredients per serving – hence the name LipoSeduction 2250.

The marketing material claims that – you’ll eat less, be full faster, and be able to look forward to a large proportion of your fat and carbohydrate calories being blocked.

Judging by the ingredients listed there is nothing unique about the formula.

LipoSeduction Ingredients

  • Chitosan – a natural carb blocking ingredient that is based around shellfish
  • White Kidney Bean – or Phaseolus Vulgaris, can effect the absorption of fat
  • Glucomannan – a source of fibre

An equal amount of each ingredient is present – the inclusion of Chitosan could be considered unwise as little clinical data exists to suggests it works for weight loss or indeed safe.

Side Effects Of LipoSeduction

Chitosan apart, the other two ingredients are unlikely to cause any harmful side effects.

Does Lipo Seduction Work

The weight loss claims made are rather ambitious – real problem lies in the connection LipoSeduction has with Orovo and Lipovox. Read about Orovo here and Lipovox here. Carb blocking can be effective for certain people if their diet is based largely around foodstuffs such as: rice, potatoes, pasta and bread.

Should I buy LipoSeduction

The Orovo and  Lipovox connection is off putting – as far as carb blockers are concerned Dietrine is a better option. Read the Dietrine review here

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