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Unique Hoodia

New Hoodia Diet Pill Now Available

Unique HoodiaIt could be argued that the diet pill industry is not in need of another over the counter diet pill. An even stronger argument is that another Hoodia Gordonii based product is even less of an issue.

In both the UK and in the USA,  diet pills that utilise the appetite suppressing effect of Hoodia are commonplace, so much so that a majority of manufacturers have run out of ideas and effectively stopped creating and producing Hoodia products that contain just the one ingredient (Hoodia), preferring to add other substances and additives to create hybrid products.

The direction in which the Hoodia market is heading completely contradicts the whole ethos and history of Hoodia.

So for the record and to get back to basics. Hoodia Gordonii is quite possibly the most effective natural substance on the planet earth for reducing appetite.

Hoodia has centuries if not millenniums of physical working proof and thought of so highly across the globe that the Hoodia Gordonii plant is now a protected species to ensure its survival.

For those unfamiliar with how Hoodia Gordonii was first discovered, by whom and how it can provide a natural, side effect free weight loss solution – Read Hoodia Facts

What About Unique Hoodia

Continuing the theme of do we really need another Hoodia diet pill? … when the various brands on both sides of the Atlantic are scrutinised there does not appear to be too many Hoodia products that focus on just Hoodia.

The choice is rather surprisingly limited to more or less one. While the current trend seems to be trying  to produce diet pills that contain a bit of Hoodia, a bit of green tea extract and a bit of several something else’s the reality of pure Hoodia has been forgotten.

To date the only Hoodia diet pill that ticks all of the necessary boxes is Pure Hoodia. All other brands have one or several traits, ingredients or dubious marketing tactics that remove it from the essence of the genuine article.

Unique Hoodia is new to the market – but refreshingly have introduced a unique angle. Rather than use the cheaper (less effective) Hoodia extract that seems to be the norm nowadays, Unique Hoodia put only raw Hoodia p57 powder into their capsule and fill to capacity with around 460mg per capsule.

The Hoodia used is CITES Certified and has a Certificate Of Analysis as well as a Organics Annex Certificate. For the uninitiated the combination of the aforementioned certification will raise little doubt that Unique Hoodia is both genuine and adheres to a code of conduct that a huge majority of diet pill producers flaunt.

Unique Hoodia is also produced in a CGMP approved facility.

Unique Hoodia Summary

Unique HoodiaFrom the design of the packaging to the product, Unique Hoodia is far removed from the hype that surrounds its more established competitors.

Its seems that Pure Hoodia has a serious rival. There is very little to choose between the two.

If you have serious ambition to lose weight Unique Hoodia should be given serious consideration. Competitively priced  and guaranteed for 6 months there is very little risk attached.

Visit the Unique Hoodia website

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Most Effective Diet Pills

What Diet Pills Are Most Effective

Most Effective Diet PillThe most effective diet pills are ones that will work for you. Unfortunately there is not a diet pill product that will suit absolutely everybody despite what you may read.

The question should really be what diet pills will be effective for me – to answer this question your eating habits, lifestyle and body frame needs to be taken into consideration.

Firstly check your BMI (Body Mass Index) here – then come back to this page.

The BMI calculator is just a rough guide and should not be used as exact or scientific medical diagnosis.

If you fall into the lower end of the BMI scale you should not be considering diet pills. Most diet pills will either block, bind or burn fat (from food consumed) or suppress appetite. It is highly likely that food consumption or excess body fat is not the cause of your concern.

When Not To Buy A Diet Pill

Do I Need Diet PillsIf you are unhappy with your body proportion you may suffering from bloating or a protruding belly, but a relatively low BMI then your body may be in need of colon maintenance.

Nowadays colonic irrigation is not thought as beneficial as not only the harmful bacteria can get flushed away but also the good. Colon cleansing is by far a better and most cost effective solution. More about Colon Cleansing

If you are at the high end of the BMI scale, GP or doctor consultation should be sought. Prescription only diet pills could be an option – but only after approval from your medical practitioner. More about Prescription Diet Pills – on an advisory note – DO NOT attempt to buy prescription diet pills from any source.

The middle ground BMI applies to the majority of dieters. Depending on your dietary or eating habits different genres of diet pills are better suited to individual circumstances.

Appetite Suppressants

One of the biggest causes of weight gain is overeating. Lack of discipline,  self control and a penchant for the wrong types of foods at the wrong time of day (before going to bed) are an obvious cause.

Appetite suppressants suppress your desire and need for food. Some appetite suppressants are extremely effective – others sadly are not. Read about Appetite Suppressants

Fat Binder Diet Pills

If you feel as though you do not eat more than you should and watch what you eat in terms of calories, a fat binding diet pill may be more appropriate. Fat binders are very effective – fat binders can stop the absorption of over a quarter of fat from food consumed.

Two of the most effective and best selling fat binding diet pills currently available are Proactol and Lipobind

Both of these products also contain an appetite suppressant in addition to a fat binding component. Both products are also clinically proven, classed as Medical Device Type 1 and carry the CE Mark of Approval. Compare Lipobind and Proactol

Weight loss and slimming forums on the internet are full of discussion surrounding the efficacy and effectiveness of many diet pills and weight loss products. There are literally hundreds to choose from and with many differing reviews.

Most Effective Diet Pills – taking everything into consideration

The most important point to remember is that diet pills that are freely available to buy without prescription do not have to gain accreditation – there is no legal requirement.

The marketing people responsible for promotion are given carte blanche to raise expectation without substantiating their claims. The diet pill manufacturers that spend time, money and resources on gaining accreditation often loose out when price becomes a factor.

For a guide to the most effective diet pills including both prescription and non prescription click here –  the diet pills listed are accredited and considered best of breed.


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