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Unique Hoodia

New Hoodia Diet Pill Now Available

Unique HoodiaIt could be argued that the diet pill industry is not in need of another over the counter diet pill. An even stronger argument is that another Hoodia Gordonii based product is even less of an issue.

In both the UK and in the USA,  diet pills that utilise the appetite suppressing effect of Hoodia are commonplace, so much so that a majority of manufacturers have run out of ideas and effectively stopped creating and producing Hoodia products that contain just the one ingredient (Hoodia), preferring to add other substances and additives to create hybrid products.

The direction in which the Hoodia market is heading completely contradicts the whole ethos and history of Hoodia.

So for the record and to get back to basics. Hoodia Gordonii is quite possibly the most effective natural substance on the planet earth for reducing appetite.

Hoodia has centuries if not millenniums of physical working proof and thought of so highly across the globe that the Hoodia Gordonii plant is now a protected species to ensure its survival.

For those unfamiliar with how Hoodia Gordonii was first discovered, by whom and how it can provide a natural, side effect free weight loss solution – Read Hoodia Facts

What About Unique Hoodia

Continuing the theme of do we really need another Hoodia diet pill? … when the various brands on both sides of the Atlantic are scrutinised there does not appear to be too many Hoodia products that focus on just Hoodia.

The choice is rather surprisingly limited to more or less one. While the current trend seems to be trying  to produce diet pills that contain a bit of Hoodia, a bit of green tea extract and a bit of several something else’s the reality of pure Hoodia has been forgotten.

To date the only Hoodia diet pill that ticks all of the necessary boxes is Pure Hoodia. All other brands have one or several traits, ingredients or dubious marketing tactics that remove it from the essence of the genuine article.

Unique Hoodia is new to the market – but refreshingly have introduced a unique angle. Rather than use the cheaper (less effective) Hoodia extract that seems to be the norm nowadays, Unique Hoodia put only raw Hoodia p57 powder into their capsule and fill to capacity with around 460mg per capsule.

The Hoodia used is CITES Certified and has a Certificate Of Analysis as well as a Organics Annex Certificate. For the uninitiated the combination of the aforementioned certification will raise little doubt that Unique Hoodia is both genuine and adheres to a code of conduct that a huge majority of diet pill producers flaunt.

Unique Hoodia is also produced in a CGMP approved facility.

Unique Hoodia Summary

Unique HoodiaFrom the design of the packaging to the product, Unique Hoodia is far removed from the hype that surrounds its more established competitors.

Its seems that Pure Hoodia has a serious rival. There is very little to choose between the two.

If you have serious ambition to lose weight Unique Hoodia should be given serious consideration. Competitively priced  and guaranteed for 6 months there is very little risk attached.

Visit the Unique Hoodia website

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Adios Max

Adios Max Diet Pills Review

Adios MaxAdios Max is not dissimilar to Adios original – although the bright red packaging is in stark contrast and the word Max has been added.

In reality Adios Max is just a higher strength (or maximum strength) version of the original at a slightly higher price point.

Even at the higher price point Adios Max is still considered to be at the budget end of the weight loss market.

What Is Adios Max

A natural slimming supplement that contains a herbal active ingredient called fucus dry extract that is a byproduct of a type of algae.

This fucus dry algae can aid weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. In essence Adios Max is a fat burner.

Does Adios Max Cause Side Effects

The majority of herbal diet pills do not cause side effects – however those that attempt to raise the metabolism can have an effect on human health.

As a precautionary measure do not take Adios Max if:

  • you have a thyroid disorder
  • you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • you are under 16 years of age
  • you are pregnant or breast feeding

How To Take Adios Max

Usage instruction indicate that 1 tablet taken three times a day with meals is advised for best results.

Is Adios Max Recommended

Hard to recommend as Adios Max is just an ordinary diet pill that is starting to look a bit jaded.

Where To Buy Adios Max

Can be purchased in numerous high street outlets the length and breadth of the UK including Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc…

Alternatives To Adios Max

CapsiplexCapsiplex – the chili diet pill that has a string of A list celebrities as customers.

Capsiplex enjoyed a highly successful introduction upon its release selling out completely after just 3 days and has sold over 1 million bottles in the following six months.

Capsiplex can help to burn approximately 280 calories per day.

More about Capsiplex



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