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Adios Max

Adios Max Diet Pills Review

Adios MaxAdios Max is not dissimilar to Adios original – although the bright red packaging is in stark contrast and the word Max has been added.

In reality Adios Max is just a higher strength (or maximum strength) version of the original at a slightly higher price point.

Even at the higher price point Adios Max is still considered to be at the budget end of the weight loss market.

What Is Adios Max

A natural slimming supplement that contains a herbal active ingredient called fucus dry extract that is a byproduct of a type of algae.

This fucus dry algae can aid weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. In essence Adios Max is a fat burner.

Does Adios Max Cause Side Effects

The majority of herbal diet pills do not cause side effects – however those that attempt to raise the metabolism can have an effect on human health.

As a precautionary measure do not take Adios Max if:

  • you have a thyroid disorder
  • you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • you are under 16 years of age
  • you are pregnant or breast feeding

How To Take Adios Max

Usage instruction indicate that 1 tablet taken three times a day with meals is advised for best results.

Is Adios Max Recommended

Hard to recommend as Adios Max is just an ordinary diet pill that is starting to look a bit jaded.

Where To Buy Adios Max

Can be purchased in numerous high street outlets the length and breadth of the UK including Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc…

Alternatives To Adios Max

CapsiplexCapsiplex – the chili diet pill that has a string of A list celebrities as customers.

Capsiplex enjoyed a highly successful introduction upon its release selling out completely after just 3 days and has sold over 1 million bottles in the following six months.

Capsiplex can help to burn approximately 280 calories per day.

More about Capsiplex



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FucoThin Diet Pills

FucoTHIN Diet PillsFucoTHIN is the diet pill with the unfortunate sounding name that claims to be the number 1 diet pill in the natural health product industry. This is a claim made many others and usually not substantiated.

So is FucoTHIN number 1 – it is certainly not number in terms of best selling diet pill where the UK consumer is concerned, that titles is reserved for Lipobind

FucoTHIN is targeted toward a US audience and may prove problematic for a UK consumer to buy.

What Is FucoTHIN

Concentrated Fucoxanthin – which is a type of seaweed combined with pomegranate seed oil, for a patent-pending formula that is naturally thermogenic. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body increases its metabolic rate, requiring utilization of internal stores of energy, such as fat.

Which sounds great in theory but in reality FucoTHIN is just a fat burner – a large majority of fat burners either do not work or can cause side effects.

Side Effects Caused By FucoTHIN

May cause allergic reaction such as hives – but has not shown to date any of the usual treatment effects normally associated with burners that increase the metabolic rate such as anxiety, restlessness and the jitters.

Does FucoTHIN Work

The positive success stories and testimonials on the FucoTHIN website are plenty – else where the reviews are a little less flattering.

Is FucoTHIN Worth Buying

Not for a UK or European consumer – the product ships to the USA and Canada. Outside of these two countries a premium is payed for delivery. Refunds (should you need one could be a logistic nightmare)

As for the product itself the clinical studies and trials that were supposed to have taken place did so anonymously. Research is only as trustworthy as the organisations that carry out the studies.

Alternative Diet Pills – Looking Elsewhere

If you are seriously overweight and have a high BMI – you may be eligible for a prescribed diet pill. Click here to read about Prescription Diet Pills

If you struggle to control what you eat, an appetite suppressant may prove more beneficial. Suppressing appetite and reducing food portions is the oldest and most widely practiced method of weight management. Click here to read about Appetite Suppressants


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Thermo Slim Extra Diet Pills

ThermoSlim Extra + Metaboliser From Simply Natural

ThermoSlim Diet Pills

Simply Natural produce a range of diet pills with the UK in mind. Understated marketing with clinical proof and accreditation on display – US suppliers take note.

Thermo Slim Extra is a natural herbal diet pill that increases the body’s metabolic rate (thermogenesis) whislt controlling the appetite.

Whilst we are not supporters or advocates of diet pills that use more than one (or several) weight loss processes in one product, Thermo Slim seem to have the balance about right.

ThermoSlim contains a combination of minerals and herbs along with plant extracts which in conjunction break down the fat in the foods that we consume – so not a burner as such.

Ingredients Of Thermo Slim

Potassium Hydroxy Citrate                          100mg
Chromium Amino Acid Chelate                     100mg
Caffeine from Guarana Herb                         100mg
Magnesium Carbonate Heavy                         10mg
Coleus Forskholi Extract                                  60mg
Ginseng Root pPowder                                     10mg
Zinc Amino Acid Chelate (20%)                        5mg
Black Pepper Extract                                         5mg
Di Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate (50%)                 3IU
Gotu Cola                                                              1mg
Damiana Leaf Powder                                        1mg
Spirulina                                                               1mg
Soy Lecithin                                                          1mg
Cayenne Extract                                                  1mg

Thermo Slim list the exact quantity of each substance which again is all too rare. Bare in mind this diet pill is not suitable for vegetarians.

Side Effects Of Thermo Slim

Will not contain any serious side effects although if you have any of the following condition it would be best advised a visit to your GP.

High blood pressure
Heart or thyroid condition
Preganant or nursing
Prosate problems
Taking any prescription medication

Should I Buy Thermo Slim

Thermo Slim Extra + Metaboliser is good product for all round health and wellbeing. If the intention is to find a supplement to increase your energy levels you have found one. If, one the other hand you are looking for weight loss pill that does what it says on the tin you may have to look elsewhere.

Recommended Fat Burners

CapsiplexIf you are considering using a fat burner then give Capsiplex careful thought.

Capsiplex is the best selling over the counter fat burner available to UK consumers. It has been a smash hit selling over 1 million in its first six months of introduction.

The “chili diet pill” can burn as many calories a jogging for 20 minutes.

More about Capsiplex


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