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Lipitrex Diet Pills

Lipitrex Diet Pill Review

Lipitrex Diet Pills

Lipitrex is primarily a fat burner diet pill that utilises a four step process to weight loss. Not exactly unique in concept but at least we are not faced with a diet pill product that promises a weight loss miracle or specific weight loss timescale .

It should be hightlighted that fat burners are probably the least effective but most common of the all the genres of diet pills.

Fat burners work on the principle of treating the after effect of too many calories taken on by the body rather than stopping the cause of weight gain at source.

What Is Lipitrex

The four weight loss “components” that make up the Lipitrex diet pill are:

  • Appetite Control
  • Reduction In The Storage Of Fat
  • Increase In Metabolic Rate
  • Increase In Energy Levels

So not only a fat burner but an appetite suppressant as well – Be wary of diet pills that offer a multitude of slimming concepts in one product

Ingredients Found In Lipitrex

  • Green Tea Extract – A common ingredient used in a majority of fat burners.
  • Cloeus Forskohlii – An as yet un proven ingredient that is supposed to raise hormone levels
  • PinnoThin – The appetite suppressing agent
  • CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid, A non essential fatty acid
  • Citrus Aurantium – Stimulates the metabolism
  • Guarana – The caffiene ingredient
  • Magnesium & Chromium

SIde Effects Caused By Lipitrex

Should not cause a serious side effect, although with almost all fat burners that increase the metabolism there may be slight feeling of restlnessness caused by the caffiene. The digestive system may be effected with unusual bowel movements and an increase in frequency.

Does Lipitrex Work

Not the most potent of diet pills, the ingredients do not offer anything new to a dieter that cannot be found elswhere.

Should I Buy Lipitrex

Lipotrex can be bought over the counter or via the internet. Unlikley to be stocked in the major and well known health stores in the UK. Lipotrex is quite expensive and does not offer, in our opinion value for money.

If an appetite suppressant is your preffered method of weight loss Hoodia Gordonii is by far the better option. It is highly advised to NOT MIX two genres of diet pills or use one product in conjunction with another.

Fat burners are not as effective as Fat Blockers and Fat Binders

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