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Hows Your Diet Going

Is Your Diet A Success

diet successIt is now two months (at time of writing) since the most likely of starting points for anyone who needs or wants to lose weight – The New Year Diet Resolution.

Two months on, honestly hows it going?

The most likely failure point for anyone who starts their diet on January 1st is just one month on, around the end of January – reach the second month with the diet still being adhered to and the chance of success increases significantly.

Whatever your chosen method be it: a diet pill, diet programme or a fitness regime – the over riding factor is that most methods work, it lack of motivation and desire that often leads the diet being interrupted and all the good work being undone.

Which diet pill was voted best of 2008 by the Telegraph

Get Motivated

If you are struggling to realise the good intentions of a couple of months ago here are few pointers to help you get back on track.

1. If you think the past two months have whizzed by – the next two will come ago with equal velocity. This time though the sun will be out (hopefully) which means it will be harder to hide behind baggy clothing – springtime means skimpier clothing.

2. You still have time to start over if you have failed miserably in your New Year Diet attempt – there are still several months until the holiday season starts in earnest. There is till time to lose a stone a month!

3. Now is the ideal time to join a gym (if you can afford it) in these miserable economic times memberships of gyms and fitness centres are struggling for new clientele – prices have come down quite considerably in the past 6 months. Take advantage now.

4. Join a diet programme – join a community. Friendly competition, support and a shoulder to cry is absolitley essential for your weight loss success.

Tesco eDiets is a community – for a mere £1.50 a week you will have access to the most successful UK diet programme and interact with other people in a similar situation to yourself. More about Tesco eDiets

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Dieting To Gain Pounds

Diet To lose Lbs and Gain Pounds

Lose weight save moneyIn these recession hit times we are currently experiencing anything that can potentially save money should not be overlooked.

Dieting, either buying diet products or investing in a diet program is often viewed as an expense.

The main driver for anyone considering starting a diet is obviously to lose weight – but a second benefit will also manifest itself.

While you are busy trying to shed a few pounds you will also, by default (hopefully) be saving a few pounds.

Calculate your average weekly or monthly spend on food and alcohol – then calculate again and remove all the treats that you regularly buy and ask yourself a question. Do I really need that packet of chocolate biscuits?

Eat Three Times A Day

It is generally understood that eating three times a day, a the the begining, middle and close to the end of the day is the ideal scenario – but many of us choose to snack inbetween meals. This is not only bad for the waistline but bad for the pocket.

How To Stop The Need To Snack

If you feel it difficult to cut out or cut down the little tidbits during the day consider using an appetite suppressant.

Appetite suppressants can provide the will power that is sometimes lacking in order for us to reduce the amount abd frequency of the foo that we eat.

More about Appetite Suppressants

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Best Alcoholic Drink When Dieting

What Alcoholic Drink Is Best When Dieting

Alcohol and dietingIt does not require the mind of Stephen Hawking to decipher that combining alcohol and the art of attempting to lose weight is not an equation that has many positive outcomes.

But there is some good news for dieters or anyone planning to lose weight that can’t resist a tipple.

There are certain alcoholic drinks that will not put too much of a dent in your weight loss progress.

The first and most important thing to remember is moderation. Without moderation all of this can be consider pretty much void.

Pure Spirits – pure spirits such as Vodka, Rum, Bacardi or Gin are possibly the best alcoholic drink to consume  when watching your weight so long as they are taken neat without any introduction of any mixer. If a mixer is a something that has to accompany then ensure that it is either a tonic water or a low sugar coke.

A standard measure of the above pure spirits it approximately 100 calories so make sure you factor these into your daily allowance if on a calorie controlled diet.

Light Beer – if you are a bloke and the thought of propping up the bar holding a bacardi and (diet) coke drains away your masculinity, a light beer is the next most suitable option.

A light beer contains around 100 calories and the suggested in take is one to two pint glasses a day.

Some Wines – Wine in moderation has been known to lower the risk of heart disease. It doesn’t seem to be wine specifically, but the stress relieving properties of alcohol, as long as they are consumed in moderation. Wine works the same as light beer, less than 100 calories per glass

Still wines are less fattening than their fizzy counterparts.

Every other form of alcohol is advised against.

Can chocolate and banana’s aid weight loss – read more

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