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Slendex Diet Pills

Slendex Slimming Pills Review

Slendex Diet Pills

Slendex is advertised as the new diet pill that will revolutionise the slimming world. A 100% natural slimming pill that has been formulated by a leading UK pharmacist.

Updated Slendex Review

Slendex, according to the marketing material, will enable safe natural weight loss without changing or inhibiting  your lifestyle.

Using actress Debra Stephenson as the public face and body as proof off weight loss success is a masterstroke.

What Is Slendex

Slendex is an appetite suppressant – the principle behind appetite suppressants is incredibly simple – the less food consumed the less calories and fat the body absorbs. The obvious problem being is will power. Appetite suppressants provide the will power by causing a reaction in the brain that in turn sends a signal to body to say it is full and the need for food quelled.

Losing weight involves a very simple equation – eating less food will result in a reduction of body mass.

Slendex ingredients

  • Methyl Cellulose

  • Vegetable Shell (Hypromellose)

  • L-Carnatine

  • Magnesium Stearate

  • Chromium Picolinate

Slendex is caffiene free which is another plus. The only problems concerning Slendex are the phrases “100% natural” and “formulated by pharmacist” does to tend to contradict itself in the message it is communicating.

Side Effects Of Slendex

A relatively new introduction and not a great deal of consumer feedback. Initial signs are that it will not produce any unwanted or harmful side effects.

Should I Buy Slendex

A very new diet pill that does seem to have the right creditentials and ticks in the right boxes. However, wether it can compete with Hoodia in the appetite suppressant market is another matter.

Hoodia – or at least Pure Hoodia is ahead by some distance in terms of effect, comsumer feedback and history.

More About Pure Hoodia here

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