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What Diet Pill Did Roxanne Pallett Use

Roxanne Pallet Capsiplex Diet Success Story

Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett (Jo Sugden in the soap) has revealed her new figure to the press.

Roxanne has shed a stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes into the bargain.

A change in eating habits coupled with an moderate exercise regime has been partly responsible but the biggest factor is the introduction of natural fat burning diet pill called Capsiplex.

Capsiplex utilizes the heat from red hot chillies to help burn excess body fat and help to reduce daily calorific intake. It is estimated that by using the fat burner you could reduce your daily calorie intake by 295.

Miracle NHS Diet Pill That Was Sold Out – Now Available To Buy

Capsiplex has featured in the media many times since its rather spectacular introduction whereby it sold out after just a few days of going on sale.

A reported 50,000 units were shipped in three days thanks largely to an ingredient found within the formula that is usually reserved for the NHS

Capsiplex has since gone from strength with latest figures indication its about to sell its one and half millionth bottle.

More about Capsiplex


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Capsiplex Slimming Tablets Review

Capsiplex Fat Burner Tablets Review

capsiplex tablets reviewCapsiplex is the fat burner based around the concept of using the heat from red hot chili pepper (cayenne pepper or capsicum) to raise the metabolism and burn excess body fat rather than reduce water retention which is what so many competitive products seem to do.

Capsiplex is the invention of Scottish based natural health specialist Advanced Health.

Initially introduced to the United States it quickly gained the reputation of being the “celebrity diet pill” as some of Hollywoods elite clamoured to become associated with it. Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are keen advocates.

Capsiplex Special Offers

Capsiplex media storiesUpon its arrival the the UK it sold out within 3 days of release from both its official website and many authorised stockists shipping 50,000 units.

It took 6 months for the 1 millionth bottle to be sold a feat that must have surpassed even Advanced Health’s expectations.

Capsiplex was featured in the national media, with appearances in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and frequently on day time lifestyle television programmes.

The UK press not known for their propensity to be outdone by their competition were not shy in conjuring positive headlines such “slim at your desk pill arrives in Britain” or the NHS miracle diet pill”

“Slim at your desk pill arrives in Britain”

Capsiplex slim at your desk

The former a reference to the fact that taking one Capsiplex equates to burning as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes (270 calories), the latter refers to the inclusion of an ingredient that is normally reserved for use by the NHS.

How Does Capsiplex Work

Chili pepper diet pillCapsiplex contains a natural substance called Capsicum (also known as chilli pepper or red pepper) and contains Capsaicinoids. These are the group of compounds that create the heat found in hot peppers.

Three decades of clinical research and study has repeated highlighted the link between capsicum and weight loss.

Capsicum can reduce appetite, increases metabolism, burn calories, reduce body mass and reduces body fat. It is an ideal female fat burner

Read How Capsiplex Works In More Detail

Can Capsiplex Cause Side Effects

Capsiplex is certified safe for human consumption and free from side effects. It contains mainly natural ingredients.

Chili has been known for causing gastric irritation in some instances but the coating used in the encapsulation process circumvents this issue. The product is deemed suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike and will not interfere with any other medication you may be using.

Does Capsiplex Work

Capsiplex fat burnerA products ability to sell huge quantities does not necessarily have a bearing on its effectiveness. Hype is an instrument used by many diet product manufacturers to overcome an inadequacy.

Capsiplex does come with a large sprinkling of hype but this is not without good reason.

It is pretty ignore or level an argument against a product that contains a substance usually reserved for the NHS.

There are website that give alternative diet pill a higher rating – such this PhenQ Review from this website but we prefer Capsiplex


Where To Buy Capsiplex

Capsiplex is available to buy from the official website and without the need for a prescription.

You can purchase for as little as £29.99 for a one month supply with discounts available for multiple months purchases.

There is currently no discount or voucher code as the product is currently on offer for 3 months and above.

Visit Capsiplex Website



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Chili Diet Pill Capsiplex Review

The Chili Diet Pill, Capsiplex

Capsiplex UkThis is the time of year when the diet and slimming industry at their busiest – New year Resolutions in most cases are centred around self-improvement with losing weight second only to quitting smoking.

A new product that has just emerged with a significant amount of publicity is Capsiplex, the so called chili diet pill.

Capsiplex is combination of chili and capsicum – the producers (Scotland based Advanced Health Limited) claim the diet pill can burn as many calories as you would from Jogging for twenty-five minutes or briskly walking for an hour and a half

The makers also claim that in clinical trials subjects  burned 278 more calories that regular exercise and 12 times more calories after exercise.

The advertising blurb also claim that it has a wide usage in Hollywood with high profile celebrities such as Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and J-Lo amongst its users.

How Does The Chili Pill Work

The two main ingredients included are chili and capsicum.

Capsicum Extract, it is claimed, can suppress appetite and also raise the metabolic rate, burn excess calories, reduce body mass and reduce body fat.

Chili has been linked to weight loss for decades – the problem until now is the ingesting of a high concentration without causing gastric irritation. A special coating has now been introduced to eradicate this problem.

Does It Work

The problem with Capsiplex is that it is billed as new and revolutionary. A new product it may be but its hardly revolutionary.

The marketing material does make some pretty compelling claims with regard to scientific proof without actually providing any real evidence of this.

Until some tangible evidence is released look elsewhere.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Hoodia compared to CapsiplexHoodia Gordonii has been available to buy over the counter for a little over 10 years – there have been numerous scientific reports supported by clinical evidence about its effect on suppressing the appetite and reducing calorie intake.

Hoodia is the most widely used natural diet pill currently available

More about Hoodia Gordonii


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