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La Muscle Fat Stripper

Fat Stripper Review

Fat Stripper by LA MuscleLA Muscle produce a wide range of diet pills and supplements, though it has to be said most are aimed at the body building and body beautiful market.

Very American in the marketing approach LA Muscle target both sexes and not just the females.

Fat Stripper is one of their most popular products sold worldwide.

What Is LA Muscle Fat Stripper

Very popular in the UK – mostly sold into the body building market, Fat Stripper is a fat metaboliser (or fat burner.)

Fat burners are the weakest genre as far as diet pills are concerned – although if you are extremely mobile (as body builders tend to be) can help burn excess calories.

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Diet Pills, Weight Loss Tablets & Supplements

Can I Lose Weight With Diet Pills

Can I Lose Weight With Diet PillsFor every good diet pill review you will read you will no doubt find a conflicting comment or two.

The diet pill and weight loss industry is no different to any other – all things do not work for all people. One persons experience of a product can vary greatly from another.

There is not a diet or weight loss product that can be classed as a catch all solution.

If you are reading this and about to make or purchase of a diet pill or weight loss supplement or starting out on your research, please bear in mind that the best form of weight loss is and always be a preventative measure.

Where diet pills are concerned the two options available are prescription weight loss drugs and herbal diet pills

A preventative measure is to identify the cause of the problem, ie – weight gain, fatty deposits and even obesity – and then understand why the problem occurs.

In most cases it is overeating, unless there is an underlying medical reason for weight gain – taking on board to many calories per day is the number reason for an individuals weight problem.

I’m Fat And I know I Am

If you are overweight and you understand that the most likely reason is overindulgence and a lack of discipline you have taken the first small step.

Frequenting weight loss and diet forums on the web is great for motivation and does give a sense of camaraderie and feeling of “I am not alone” but unless you put these motivational feelings into action they are of no consequence.

Magic Weight Loss Products

Rather than look within, most of us will try to seek the easy solution. Where losing weight is concerned there is not a magic potion that will miraculously dissolve excess body fat in all cases.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of diet pills, slimming tablets and weight loss supplements- some are household names and some reside in obscurity.

The more well known diet pills will probably have more review or comment presence on the web, fame brings about discussion. The more well known products are most likely to have a more negative reviews than the not so well known products.

Prescription Diet Pills

If you are insistent on using a diet pill – the very first step you must take is to visit your GP or doctor. If you have a high BMI in the mid 30’s you may be eligible for prescription diet pills. The most likely prescribed diet pill would be Xenical.

Xenical is a fat blocker is extremely effective. Read about Xenical

The advantage of Xenical and other prescription diet pills is that they are good as free. A prescription is around £7 and if they do not produce the desired results or expectation you can stop taking them.

If Xenical does not work for you then it is highly likely no other diet pill will.

The disadvantage of Xenical and other prescription only diet pills is that they may cause side effects. This is the reason that it is highly advised to not buy Xenical and only obtain from your GP.

Lower Your BMI

Can I Lose Weight With Diet PillsIf you are under 30 on the Body Mass Index – is it really a diet pill that is the best course of action?

Even the better diet pills that can be freely purchased without a need for prescription will only be effective if you take steps to work with the diet pill.

Try to cut down on food portions and add exercise into your daily routine will give you a better chance of success.

A high majority of dieters that use diet pills and complain of lack of effect are using the product as the only method of weight loss.

Some of the better diet pills use the fat blocking or fat binding method – some can stop the absorption of 25-30% of dietary fat intake. If you continue to top up your calorie intake rather than reduce it the weight loss effect will be minimal.

If you do decide to purchase a diet pill make sure that there is refund policy in place – if a product doesn’t work and you are satisfied you have done everything that you have possibly done to aid the supplement – return it and ask for your money back.

Diet Pills Buyers Guide


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What Can Slimming Pills Do For You

Slimming Pills Can They Work For Me

Slimming Pills

Unless you have some kind of genetic disorder there is no reason why you should be overweight. A human being is not designed to carry excess body fat – it is a perfectly created species that is extremely mobile and can outwit and outmanouvre almost every other living organism in existence.

So why are so many of us overweight. We have the intelligence and we have the tools available to stop this pandemic that is sweeping across the western world – obesity!

Without wishing to be condesending – do you really want to lose weight? Are you really going to do something to lose the excess body fat?

Firstly, check your BMI here, then come back…

Although the BMI (body mass index) calculation is just a general guide, if you have a BMI of over 30 you must seriously understand that you are reducing your life expectancy. The excess body fat you carry around is shortening your life – so forgeting all about cosmetic reasons for losing weight, it is more a reason to prolong your life.

Clinically Proven Slimming Pills

If your BMI is over 30 it is strongly advised to visit your GP  you have potentially life threatening condition and so your GP may prescribe a course Xenical tablets. Xenical (sometimes known as Orlistat) are prescription only (so the price of a prescription) DO NOT be tempted to buy Xenical from any outlet or stockist whatsoever.

Xenical is not a natural compound – more a pharmaceutical grade weight loss drug. A doctor will not prescribe by simply asking, there has to be sufficient grounds. The cost of producing this tablet is far more than the price of prescription (around £7 ) and so there is no profit (a loss in fact) to be gained by any organisation or company.

Without going to into absolute specifics Xenical blocks around a quarter of the fat you consume. So in laymans terms if you do not change you lifestyle or your eating habits your body will be 25% better off in terms of fat reduction simply by introducing Xenical into your system. It goes without saying that combining a healthy eating plan or diet will increase you weight loss result. Read More About Xenical here.

So what do the people who do not fall into the dangerously overweight or obese category. What about the people you want to lose weight rather than need to. This is the demographic that is at risk of falling into the obese category but have the option to do something about it sooner rather than later.

A GP or doctor will not give any kind of tablet form support to someone who is not considered at risk. The advice usually given is to start dieting. This is good advice – a good healthy diet plan is absolutely essential and although many of us start with good intentions the realism of the matter is that a large percentage will wain at some point.

If your BMI is under 30 (27 -30 approx) and you want to lose the pounds and are considering using a slimming pill you need to understand that the slimming pill industry is worth millions. There hundreds of slimming pill brands available – most of them sound as though they contain the answer you have been looking for.

We must stress (and we are in danger of repeating ourselves several times over in previous articles) a majority of slimming pill manufacturers have not got your best interests at heart. A majoity of the diet pills that are reveiwed do not inspire confidence and do not carry any kind of accreditation.

If you are considering buying a slimming pill read this article

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