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There are many diet plans available for UK dieters although many do seem to stem from America with a major celebrity endorsement to back up the weight loss claim. Whether this is to be believed or not is a different matter.

In the UK one of the most, if not the most, respected supermarket chains – Tesco’s, have partnered with eDiets to bring in our opinion the best diet plan to British dieters. TescoDiets is not based around starving yourself or suggesting unappetising food.

Tesco Diet Plans

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TescoDiets is less of a closed shop that its rival WeightWatchers. Without wishing to undermine WeightWatchers all dietary products tend to carry the WW product branding and leave the impression that a ringfence approach to dieting is the answer. TescoDiets provide a wider variety of diet plans that look appetising even to a person that is not on a diet.

Quite supprisingly from a price point of view £2.99 per week for completely bespoke menu/diet plan is extremely good value. Just print and go shopping.

From the very start TescoDiets offer a free diet profile. Just key in your height/weight plus any particular ailments or allergies you may have as well a how much weight you want or need to lose and then you are faced with the option of joining and choosing your diet plan.

Sample Diet Plans

After creating your profile (at this point it is important to create your profile honestly, if you are 5′ and weigh 13st …declare it) you will be given the option of choosing your desired diet plan.

The Healthy Eating Plan – No need to forgo your favourite foods, all daily food intake is calculated uniquely around you and geared toward losing the maximun amount of weight in safe and controlled manner.

The GI Diet Plan – is based around stabelising the appetite so you will not feel as hungry. Also lowering the risk of diabetes and heart failure.

The Meditarrean Diet Plan – involves lots of fruit, vegetables and fish, whilst cutting down on red meat thus improving and lowering levels of cholesterol.

The Low Carb Diet – is ideal for those who need a energy level boost whilst lowering insulin production and improving all round appearance and physique.

The online community available is one the largest in the UK – with dieters from all over the country sharing in their successes together on the TescoDiets Forum.

Tesco eDiets

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