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Binkys Detox Diet Plan

Binky’s Detox Diet

Alexandra Felstead, also known as Binky from reality TV show Made In Chelsea has been making headlines after details of her new diet regime were published in the media.

News stories have been emerging from the media of yet another diet success from the celebrity

The Sun newspapers story called ‘worlds most expensive diet‘ bears reference to her so called New Year Detox programme which is reported to be costing somewhere in the region of £5000.

The costs involves personal fitness coaches, dieticians and diet advisors. Her target weight loss is around half a stone.

Binky is also cutting back on fatty foods and reducing her alcohol consumption. Her diet plan is said to be costing £150 per day – it has also been labelled the Posh Cleanse Diet.

“It’s helped shrink my stretched stomach; I’ve been eating much less now because I’m not hungry so often.” – Binky talking about Fullfast

Has Binky Been Taking Diet Pills

Reports are circulating that Binky has been taking diet pills in connection with her diet regime – the question is which ones?

The product in question is not a diet pill but an appetite suppressing spray called Fullfast. Fullfast contains

Griffonia, a rich source of Serotonin a naturally produced chemical that controls the feeling of being full or satisfied.

Fullfast has had its own fair share of the spotlight in recent times – The Daily Mail highlighted its benefits recently witha story called ”the new natural spray that tackles food craving”.

Fullfast also contains Klamath Algae and 5-HTP, this can effect mood and create a sense of well being and happiness – plus another ingredient called Guarana, a stimulant that is said to be more potent than caffeine.

Latest research has suggested that guarana could affect the speed in which the body perceives itself to be satisfied, which subsequently helps to control appetite and maintains an ideal body weight.

Read more about Fullfast Appetite Suppressant Spray


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Buy Capsiplex Plus UK

Capsiplex Plus UK

Capsiplex Plus in the enhanced version of the original Capsiplex. It is not making the original product obsolete, it is a complimentary product offering not only a benefit to weight loss but many other positive health benefits as well.

Capsiplex is arguably the most successful diet pill ever launched in the UK. It sold a staggering 50,000 units when it was first introduced. It caused such as stampede to buy that stock levels completely ran dry after just a few days.

Capsiplex Plus contains everything that its sister product has to offer as well as providing and extra ingredients that can significantly improve mood and produce a legal and natural high.

Capsiplex With 5-HTP

The new ingredient that has been introduced is 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) – it is a chemical that is manufactured and produced by the body to create and form tryptophans (a vital amino acid, which is found in our food supply).

After a tryptophan has been turned into 5-HTP, the naturally produced substance is then converted into another substance called serotonin, this a neurotransmitter that acts a mediator and relays information to and from brain cells.

5-HTP does not exist in the foods we eat, although surprisingly tryptophans do. Consuming foods high in tryptophans does not increase 5-HTP levels on there own.

Our body need 5-HTP and supplementation is vital – hence the need for products such as Capsiplex Plus.

Where To Buy Capsiplex Plus

Capsiplex Plus is available to buy only from the official website. There is not a high street presence at this point in time. Usual stockists of products of this nature such as Boots, Superdrug and Holland Barrett may become suppliers in the future.

Currently a one month supply will cost £42.00 with discounts for multiple months purchases.

Buy Capsiplex Plus


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Nuratrim forum

Nuratrim Customer comments

Nuratrim is the latest dietary supplement to hit the slimming and weight loss market. It is the brainchild and invention of Advanced Health, a British company that has been responsible for several successful product launches over the last few years in the health industry.

Newspapers, magazines and forums on the Internet are awash with comments surrounding the release of this new diet pill. It is the first time that the 4 ingredients have been formulated together in one diet product.

Learn more about Nuratrim on the official website

What’s so good about Nuratrim

Nuratrim can not only tackle weight loss but also lower cholesterol levels. It is highly beneficial to weight loss and has the ability to burn fat and reduce hunger. It is thought that regular use can lower calorie consumption by 20%.

Ingredients of Nuratrim

The formula consists of 4 natural ingredients:

Capsicum – present in the majority of today’s most effective diet product. It is a fat burner that can prevent the build up of excess fat and reduce approximately 280 calories from being taken on a daily basis.

Green Coffee – a highly effective fat burning and detox agent. Green coffee has been used for centuries by many different civilization the world over.

Glucomannan – responsible for suppressing appetite and creating a feeling of satiety. Derived from the konjac root, it expands in the stomach and prevents overeating.

Licorice extract – helps to raise the metabolic rate and burn excess calories. Licorice extract is also highly effective at reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Does Nuratrim cause side effects

Will not pose a threat to health if taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s usage instructions. Anyone with a health condition should refrain unless instructed otherwise by their doctor.

Where to buy Nuratrim

Currently only available to buy direct from the official website. Customers must be 18 years of age or over.

High street stockists such as Boots, Asda, Holland and Barrett may sell in the future.

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Nuratrim | Nuratrim

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