Xyphedrex Review

Xyphedrex is a typically American focused diet pill that supposedly has a high performance weight loss formula.

It manufacturers claim that their product is the World’s first chemically altered diet pill.

It has a very convoluted mechanic of action, it works by stimulating the Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (CART) in the brain and apparently this can help promote weight loss in much the same way as some controlled substances can.

Amphetamines and ephedrine/ephedra are substances that are now either controlled or banned – they have both has an association with weight loss.

How Does Xyphedrex Work

The Cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript (CART) affects the hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for regulating metabolism, controlling appetite and maintaining insulin levels.

When the metabolic rate is raised it results in a fat burning effect, your appetite is subsequently diminished and your energy levels are raised. These are all common effects that made amphetamines and ephedrine/ephedra a common ingredient in a wide variety of diet pills until they were outlawed. Xyphedrex is said to replicate this process without the dangerous side effects.

The other side of the coin in this process is the suppression of Neuropeptide-Y – a documented stress hormone. This hormone regresses your metabolism and cools body temperature while increasing the appetite.

Xyphedrex increases CART and reduces the NP-Y causing you to lose weight as a result.

What is In Xyphedrex

There are 4 main substances – Caffeine, which promotes mental awareness and physical activity, Chocomine – a cocoa extract rich in antioxidants, Phenylethylamine, or PEA (the natural happiness drug) that elevates the mood and increase feelings of satiety (fullness) and synephrine a metabolic booster.

Side Effects Of Xyphedrine

It should not cause anything of any great consequence but some users have complained of symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, heart palpitations, insomnia and headaches.

Does Xyphedrine Work Is It Worth Buying

Xyphedrex is very much stimulant based and is based on the same concept (CART v NPY) as many other similar products. There is not much evidence to suggest that the CART V NPY concept exists apart from in the marketing material of diet pills such as Xyphedrex.

Where To Buy Xyphedrex

Xyphedrex is only available from the official website. There is no UK high street stockist.

Alternative Diet Pills

The fat burner market is beginning to be dominated by a handful of products. One product in particular, Phen375 is not only a fat burner can also suppress appetite as well.

Made from premium grade ingredients in registered facility, Phen375 has been responsible for countless weight loss triumphs.

It is most definitely not cheapest fat burner on the market but you usually get what you pay for

Every purchase is backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

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