Big Brother Star And Alli Side Effects

Alli And Its Embarrassing Side Effects

Now that initial furore surrounding the new miracle diet pill, Alli, has subsided – feedback, customer success stories and experiences are starting to filter through into the media.

One fairly high profile Alli story is Kinga Karolczak – former housemate in Big Brother 2006.

In the autumn of 2008, Kinga’s weight had rocketed to a hefty 10st 3lb – for someone who is a shade over 5ft tall a size 14 looked very much a reality.

Previous attempts at dieting had not proved to be a success with generic diets such as the Cabbage Soup Diet and more commerial product such as Slimfast failing miserably.

Then in the Spring of 2009 Kinga was asked if she wanted to trial Alli Orlistat – the new over the counter diet pill that to date is the only commercially available diet product to be granted FDA (Food and Drugs Adminitration) approval.

In need of quick fix, Kinga agreed.

Alli Made My Body Leak Fat

Alli is produced by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKlie and has many positives surrounding it but one very embarrassing and rather unpleasant side effect may prove its undoing from a customer perspective.

Alli works by stopping a percentage of fat in food we eat from being absorbed and digested by the stomach.

This means the undigested fat must pass through the body, leading to the most unpleasant of side effects including flatulence and diarrhoea. Read more about Alli

Unabsorbed fat is similar to an orange goo – Alli has the unfortunate habit of expelling this when and where it pleases, often without much warning.

This Alli side effect has been dubbed the Alli Oops

Kinga suffered the dreaded Alli Oops and her overall experience  of the diet drug was not so much the weight loss but the embarrassing condition and the effect it had on her relationship with her boyfriend.

“One morning, a week into taking the tablets, I woke up with a huge, dark yellow, oily stain all over my sheets. It was all over the seat of my pyjamas, too. Fat, which looked exactly like olive oil, had been leaking out of my bottom. It was disgusting…. more oil would leak out every few days”

The Big Brother star also explained how Alli effected her sex life  “I was constantly breaking wind. My boyfriend  thought it was very funny, as he’d never heard me pass wind before, but it didn’t make me feel sexy. And the smell was unbearable”

Alli Availability

Alli available to buy in the UK high streetAlli available to buy over the counter in store at Boots and Superdrug and some regsitered online pharamcies.

For more information on Alli. Read Alli in the UK


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