Fenphedra Xtreme

Fenphedra Xtreme Review

Fenphedra Xtreme ScamFenphedra is a legitimate diet pill product – not ranked particularly highly by us granted, but nonetheless a combination of ingredients put together with a unique spin and a real company behind it. More about Fenphedra

Fenphedra Xtreme on the other hand appears to be not totally legitimate, shall we say. Accusations have made concerning its authenticity – it has also been called a scam!

Fenphedra and the copycat Fenphedra Xtreme are not connected apart from in name.

Soundbites, marketing and appearance are near identical.

The official Fenphedra Xtreme website appears to have been taken – rumour has it that the makers of the original and the Xtreme version are locked in a legal battle.

It would be pointless to list the ingredients and detail in any great lengths the pro’s and cons as Fenphedra Xtreme will in all probability not exist in the near future.

Looking Elsewhere

If you are confused about diet pills and require some information as to how to identify the effective form the not effective and legitimate from the fraudulent – Read Which Diet Pills

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