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Cha De BugreCurrently the weight loss industry has been infiltrated with Brazilian Diet Pills. The whole Brazilian miracle diet pill bandwagon has truly rolled into town. But with it brings confusion and products from both ends of the spectrum in terms of safety.

firstly, some time ago we reviewed Emagrece Sim – since the review there have been several reports that doubt the existence of the company behind the product. It is highly advised to completely dismiss Emagrece Sim, not only for the validity of the company that produces but also because key ingredients have been discovered to be amphetamine based.

The term Brazilian diet pills best describes many diet products is really just a generic term

One in particular is Cha De Bugre. Cha De Bugre has suffered by relation to some of the other products but should be disassociated from Emegrace Sim.

What is Cha De Bugre

The weight loss sensation that is sweeping the United States is now available for the first time in the UK. This diet pill capsule is simply made up from natural herbs containing the active ingredient of Cha De Bugre.

With all due respect to our cousins from across the Atlantic a UK consumer is less likely to be convinced by sensationalism.

Cha De Bugre Ingredients

Cha De Bugre extract (leaf) 4:1
Green Tea Leaf Extract (providing 90mg EGCG) 200mg

How Does Cha De Bugre Work

The natural ingredients held in the Cha De Bugre diet pill capsule is initially broken down by the stomach enzymes and then enter the blood stream.

The ingredients have a long history of use in increasing the metabolism, raising Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), decreasing appetite and accelerating weight loss without the use of powerful stimulants like Ephedra.

Ephedra is now a banned substance – steer clear of any weight loss product containing Ephedra

Cha De Bugre Side Effects

There are no reported side effects but some dieters may experience a warming sensation and an increase in energy.  If any negative side effects are experienced cease use immediately.

Is Cha De Bugre Effective

Consumer reports are on the whole positive. The real question is that with so many diet pills becoming available to the consumer will the new breed of diet products be able to compete with the history of the clinically proven products.

Whether a dieter can lose up to 20lbs in one month may be a tad optimistic.

Where to Buy De Bugre

Free Trial Cha De BugreCurrently there is free trial available for UK consumers.

The trial is available to over 18’s and UK residents only

Free Cha De Bugre Samples

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