Best Appetite Suppressants

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Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills

best appetite suppressantsThe choice of appetite suppressants in the diet pill market is huge – commuting this down to effective appetite suppressants limits the choice to probably a handful.

Using diet pills in attempt to lose weight can be hit and miss – for every effective weight loss product there are a dozen others that disappoint.

If an appetite suppressant is your chosen method of weight loss the preferable route to take would be to make an appointment with your GP or doctor.

Prescription Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants are available from the NHS via prescription but to qualify your BMI (Body Mass Index) would have to be high as the cost of producing pharmaceutical classed weight loss medication is high and doesn’t cover the cost of a prescription. Check Your BMI

GP’s and doctors opinions vary greatly on the subject of diet pills. Some GP’s do not advocate the use of any diet pills or weight loss medication preferring other more physical focused methods of controlling weight.

Some GP’s are very much in favour of prescribing Xenical (Orlistat) – although not an appetite suppressant, Xenical is very effective. Read about Xenical

The appetite suppressants most likely to be prescribed are Meridia and Phentermine.

Meridia cannot be purchased legally in the UK – Meridia is a very strong appetite suppressant and does not come without risk. Some of the side effects associated with Meridia can be quite unpleasant, hence the need for GP supervision. More about Meridia

Phentermine is another possibly better known prescription only appetite suppressant. Phentermine has had a rather murky past, falling in and out of legality. Phentermine also has some rather nasty and serious side effects. More about Phentermine

Prescription appetite suppressants and diet pills should not be purchased – not only would the health and safety aspect be compromised but it is highly likely that a counterfeit product could be bought unwittingly that  could contain almost anything.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

The above mention appetite suppressants are chemical based and a world apart from naturality. There are many different products available via the over the counter market.

Hoodia appetite suppressantThe most common and best know free to buy appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia is natural (cactus like plant) substance that can suppress appetite without any ill feeling or side effect.

Hoodia can be quite expensive as it takes 4 years to grow, harvest and make ready for commercial resale.

If this is not your first exploration into the appetite suppressant market – you have more than likely come across Hoodia during your research. You will have noticed the variable price.

There are several dozen US (and UK more recently) Hoodia suppliers advertising Hoodia very cheaply. It is highly probable that the product contained is not an authentic Hoodia product or not produced from raw Hoodia powder.

For a complete guide to how Hoodia works, how to take and what the possible complications are click here


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