Diet Pills And Victoria Beckham

Did Victoria Beckham Take Diet Pills

Rumours that Victoria Beckam may have taken diet pills has surfaced with thanks to a diet article in Now Magazine.

The accusation that she may taken diet pills to control her weight is “defamatory and blatantly untrue” says Posh Spice’s PR spokesperson.

Posh Hooked On Diet Pills

In Posh Spice’s defence the headline “Posh Hooked on Diet Pills” is hardly a flattering one – hinting that she is becomming an addict.

“Victotia Beckham is a role model internationally to young girls and Victoria is hurt and upset by the rumours and accusations” continues the spokesperson.

Now Magazine reportedly claims that Mrs Beckhams sister Louise is transporting the diet pills in question from Los Angeles back to the UK.

The two waring factions will most likely meet in the courtroom with Victoria Beckham set to sue Now Magazine.

What Diet Pills Did Victoria Beckham Allegedly Take

The brand or type of diet pills is not known yet.

Are The Victoria Beckham And Diet Pills Rumours True

The courtroom should decide – one last word though it does appear that Posh doth protest too much.

If Victoria is victorious she will have no doubt have blown a million pound advertising promotion campaign.

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