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Fenphedra Diet Pills

Fenphedra diet pills are the first Chemically Altered Diet Pill designed to stimulate the CART (cocaine Amphetamine Regulatory Transcript) and inhibit the NPY (Neuropeptide-Y)

Years of medical research and a breakthrough in diet pill technology have produced a diet pil that…..is exactly the same as Nuphedragen – both in appearance, in compound, in marketing and in unnecessary technical jargon.

Read the Nuphedragen review and see if you can spot the difference.

There is slight difference between Nuphedragen and Fenphedra – the marketing is very much full on. Numerous complaints have been filed against the marketeers of Fenphedra in response to their email marketing tactics. They seem to favour the unsolicited bulk email approach, other wise known as spam.

What Are Fenphedra Diet Pills

The name suggest a combination of Fenfluramine and Ephedra – in an attempt to jump on the Phen Fen bandwagon.

In reality the ingredients are

  • DiCaffeine Malate 200mg
  • ChocamineTM 200mg
  • Phenylethlamine (PEA) 20mg
  • Synephrine HCI 20mg
  • Chocamine

So basically Nuphedragen…

Does Fenphedra Cause SIde Effects

Most likely will not cause  serious side effects. Although your email inbox may feel the strain of receiving a high dosage of spam.

Do Fenphedra Diet Pills Work

No much in the way of clinical data to suggest it does. Not much in the way real life testimonials either.

Where To Buy Fenphedra

On eBay would you believe. If you do intend to experiment with Fenphedra do be aware that the return policy is cloudy. Due to deep discounts they do not offer a refund on any open bottles. You cannot buy at the likes of Tesco, Holland and Barrett or Boots the Chemist

Is Fenphedra Recommended

Any company, whatever the the industry that does not provide a telephone number on their official website should be scrutinised very strongly before making a purchase.

Alternatives Diet Pills

One the most potent and highly regarded fat burners currently in circulation is Phen375

Phen375 has been produced under FDA guidelines, it is certificated and comprises of pharmacy grade ingredients.

Phen375 is available to buy without a doctors appointment or prescription.

Read more on Phen375


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