Chitosan Diet Pills

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Chitosan Diet Capsules

Chitosan Diet PillsChitosan slimming pills are fairly common and sit in the fat blocking category. This Chitosan review discusses the Chitosan genre rather than any one particular Chitosan diet pill brand.

Chitosan is a fibre complex that unlike many of its fat blocking cousins is made up of extracts of shellfish – such as crabs and shrimps. Very much a seafood approach to weight loss.

How Does Chitosan Work

It is claimed that Chitosan will block a high majority of fat consumed and there is no need to alter your diet. Chitosan absorbs fat and prevents it from entering your stomach and similar way to  the prescription only Xenical.

Does Chitosan Work

The theory has been carried out only on animals and so far no scientific research has been carried out on humans. For results to have not been published as to the effects it may have on humans is rather dangerous and further highlights the diet pill industry’s rush to get products onto the open market.

Fat blocking or fat binding is effective but Chitosan’s use of the exoskeleton of shellfish is rather worrying without proper human clinical studies.

On a positive note Chitosan has been proven to lower cholesterol levels.

Chitosan Side Effects

As mentioned – there is very little data complied and so the short and long term term side effects are unknown.

Should I Buy Chitosan As A Weight Loss Aid

It is our opinion to NOT buy Chitosan – it can bought with relative ease via the internet and at health food stores but it does not have a pedigree in the diet pill market. The route to take if you truly want to use a fat blocking diet pill is initially visit your GP where he or she may prescribe a cource of Xenical (Orlistat)

Xenical is highly effective with a history of clinical proof. Read more about Xenical here

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