7-DFB 7 Day Fat Burner

7 Day Fat Burner 7-DFB

7 Day Fat Burner 7DFBThe 7Day Fat Burner or 7-DFB as it is abbreviated for branding is, according to the manfacturers “the only fat burning diet pill that can help you lose 7-14 lbs in 7 days.

The 7 DFB is not only a fat burner but great for quick detoxification and ideal to be used a week before a special occasion – continues the marketing spiel.

Just for the record and clarity the 7 Day Fat Burner is another diet product that has strong association with Orovo and Lipovox. Both Lipovox and Orovo have had bad press, bad consumer feedback and are, to be blunt, bad diet products – the same can be said for the 7DFB.

What Is The 7-DFB

This diet pill comprises mainly of natural substances that when combined produce a natural diuretic effect. So not really a fat burner but a supplement for removing excess water from your system – or making you go to the toilet.

Does The 7 Day Fat Burner Work

No – this diet pill will not burn fat – this diet pill will make you go to the toilet – but then again drinking plenty of fluid will have the same effect. You may experience some loss of weight as ridding your system of excess fluid will temporarily reduce your body weight slightly – but your body fat will remain.

Side Effect Of 7DFB

None – no fat burning effect and no weight loss.

Where To Buy The 7-DBF

Absolutely anywhere on the internet, the cheapest we have spotted is just over $5 (£2.50 ish)

Should I Buy The 7-FBS

Spend the money on a couple of bottles of mineral water instead – slimming products such as these give the industry a bad name.

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