Weight Loss 2008

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Lose Weight For 2008 – A New Years Resolution.

The most popular new years resolution for women in the UK is to lose weight or go on a diet. Quiting smoking is second.

Over Hyped Diet Pills

It is estimated that 70% of women who fully intended to diet or lose weight will have given up before February. This is sad fact that cannot be purely blamed on lack of will power or patience

If you do intend to lose weight – what is the first thing that you must do? It’s a bit of a tricky question, what exactly do you do? Do you pick up a magazine and follow the latest celebrity craze.

Half of women who decide to diet will opt for a diet pill or slimming supplement as part of their weight loss regime. This is where the gamble starts. With so many diet and weight loss products available the chances of choosing a product that is effective and does not cause a side effect is rather slim to put it midly.

One of the major reasons for not following a diet or giving up on a weight loss plan is choosing the wrong diet pill or weight loss supplement.

Before we go any further if you are obese or dangerously overweight (a BMI of over 30 – check your BMI here) you must visit your GP. DO NOT purchase a diet pill. You may be eligible for a prescription only diet pills, most likley Xenical (Orlistat.) 

If you are not considered dangerously over weight you will have to use one of the commercial brands. The most effective diet pills can be found here.

Possibly the two most over hyped products at the moment are Lipovox and The Slim N Sexy Slimming Pill – both products have been marketed to the hilt, both products do not have clinical proof and more likley to lose you £££’s rather than lbs.

Our recommendation is to firstly enroll in a diet plan – the best diet plan currently available to UK dieters is by Tesco’s (read about Tesco’s eDiets here.) At £2.99 a week – which is just under £12 per month it is far, far a better an option than WeightWatchers.

A weight loss Supplement or diet pill should be used in conjucton with a healthy diet plan our recommendations for effective diet pills and appetite suppressants are here.

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