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Alli Diet Pills Review

Alli Diet Pills FDA approvedAt the start of the year a new non prescription slimming pill was announced – touted as a diluted or half strength version of the prescription only weight loss pill Xenical (Orlistat.)

This diet pill is called Alli (promoted in lower case as alli and interestingly using the ebay style font and colours in its marketing material?)

Alli (or alli) is a bit of a compromise for dieters who are in need of quick weight loss help but cannot summon up the courage to visit his or her GP.

Alli offers the benefits of Xenical but without the need for professional help or guidance as you can buy Alli over the counter. Alli does seem the perfect weight loss solution and a dieters dream….but read on.

Alli is quite unique in so much as it is the only diet pill available to buy that is approved by the government and FDA.

What Is Alli

Alli is a fat blocking weight loss pill that will stop fat being absorbed by your body by around a quarter. The non absorbed fat then passes through your body naturally. This is where Alli has become subject to many debate.

Side Effects Of Alli

The non absorbed fat has to leave the body somehow and this is where Alli does not seem so much like the perfect weight loss solution or a dieters dream.

Unabsorbed fat – or fat from foods in its natural state it not pleasant to look at, nor is it pleasant to have it pass through your body. Many, many dieters have complained of an orange liquid being expelled quite frequently …and without warning.

It is recommended for Alli users to carry a change of underwear (or several)  where ever they go – and to plan your route around the location of public lavatories.

Should I Buy Alli

Alli just falls short for us to give it our recommendation. The side effects are a real deal killer. Why take an understrength version of Xenical – when all that is needed is to visit your GP to be (if applicable)  prescribed the real thing.

For those who, for whatever reason, cannot visit a GP, alternative weight loss pills are available that are more effective than Alli and do not cause the most unpleasant of treatment effects.

Visit the alli website.

Alternatives to Alli

Proactol Is a clinically proven fat binder that can stop the absorption of fat. More about Proactol

Pure Hoodia is an appetite suppressant made from pure undiluted Hoodia Gordonii. More about Pure Hoodia

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