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Lipovox Diet Pills

Does Lipovox Work

LipovoxIs Lipovox an effective diet pill? lets examine Lipovox a little closer and decide whether the marketing people responsible for the Lipovox ad campaign can justify the claims of “Superpill” or “best slimming pill on the market.”

Firstly Lipovox is not aimed soley at dieters, Lipovox also contains ingredients to treat acne and anti ageing.

So if you are overweight, have spots and approaching middle age – this is the pill for you.

What Does Lipovox Contain
The following are the ingredients or superfoods that Lipovox is comprised of – most of these ingredients are natural and organic:

  • Acai
  • Barley Juice
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Wheat Grass
  • Garlic
  • Buck Wheat
  • Flaxseed
  • Alfalfa Extracts
  • Lactobacillus Acidophillus
  • Soybean extracts
  • Green Tea
  • Salmon

also contains
Alpha Lipoic Acid

It is the combination of these minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that the manufacturer claim can make you feel 10 years younger.

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This can be routed back to An Oprah Winfrey television program a few years back where a guest and self claimed health/beauty industry specialist Dr. Perricone told viewers that by eating all of the above mentioned ingredients evey day the benefits will be experienced almost immediately.

So with this in mind became the creation of Lipovox; a supplement that can help you to lose weight, clear your skin from blemishes and erase frown lines and wrinkles. Could this be too good to be true?

So in effect Lipovox cannot be put directly into the diet pill category. But where does it sit. It is quite unusual for a supplement to be have so many benefits.

Is Lipovox Effective

The jury is still out concerning Lipovox as an effective diet pill – the other benefits could contain an element of possibility as Lipovox does contain a beneficial concoction of ingredients.

Lipovox Side Effects

As Lipovox contains only only natural substances they highly unlikely to cause any serious side effects. Probably the worse case scenario would be, no weight loss, no eradication of acne and no wrinkle decrease.

Where to Buy Lipovox

Lipovox seems to be sold almost exclusively via an eBay store – Shipping worldwide. The price for the minimum quantity appears to be £20/$39 which seems very reasonable. The feedback is many and on the whole, positive whether this is to be believed or not its hard to tell.

Lipovox Update

Many, many consumers have complained that Lipovox has not worked for them. The company behind the product is not supporting the money back guarantee. It is strongly recommended to NOT purchase Lipovox.

Looking Elsewhere

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